Situated in the historic St. Thomas' Hospital, Heart & Vessel Modelling Group works to enhance clinical understanding of cardiovascular disease through
biophysical modelling and simulation.

The H&VM group is a part of the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering at King's College London


Computational Modelling


Our computational modelling employs multiphysics finite element and inverse modelling techniques to investigate physiological mechanisms in health and disease. Find out about our work on cardiac electromechanics and multiscale coronary flow on the research page.

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Medical Data Analysis

Clinical data are used for personalisation and validation of our models, while high-resolution ex vivo imaging enables a deeper probe into the structure-function relationships. Our custom tools allow analyses of multi-modality medical images and cathlab bio-signal measurements.

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Clinical Translation

photo credit:  Leonard Bentley

photo credit: Leonard Bentley

Bench-to-bedside translation of models must overcome myriad of real world constraints through multidisciplinary collaboration, and validation via clinical trials. From metamodelling-based reduction to patient-specific FEM, our models are used to provide enhanced clinical decision support.

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